About Us

Territory Proud was created in 2003 to help promote Territory businesses as a first-choice option for consumers, business and government when making their purchase decisions.

In 2007 Territory Proud Incorporated was formed and a committee elected with Geoff Goodrich as the founding chairperson; he remains as ambassador for the association to this day.

The committee is made up of a passionate group of local Territory business professionals that volunteer their time to raise the profile of all Territory businesses and organisations. Our member base ranges from Darwin to Alice Springs and anywhere in-between.

The Association focuses on networking, education, and prosperity within local business.

The goal of Territory Proud is to raise the profile of local businesses throughout the Territory and provide business-to-business support through co-collaboration innovation and resilience. We are always looking for ways to achieve these structured goals.

The Constitution of Territory Proud

Territory Proud 2023 Committee

Chair: Dante St James

Vice Chair: Donna James

Treasurer: Dennis On

Secretary (Interim): Rebecca Forrest

General Committee Members:

Don Cole

Willem Westra van Holthe

Please note that we have more positions vacant on our management committee. If you are interested in joining us and are a current member, please email chair@territoryproud.com.au.