Huge goals to drive success #1000members


In November 2017, Marie-Clare Boothby was elected as new Chair of Territory Proud, replacing the original founder, Geoff Goodrich who decided to step aside to allow a refreshed approach to the organisation. Along with a management committee of 8 other business owners and advocates, the plan is to grow the membership and champion NT business to grow and share success stories.

Our membership has grown to 300 thus far in our 15-year journey and we intend to ramp this up.

Our strategy for 2018 is;

Champion NT businesses to grow and create success stories

We belong to a collective of game-changing businesses. As the mouthpiece of this collective, Territory Proud intends to testify far and wide about the successes of NT businesses. It is imperative that we use these stories to inspire businesses facing challenges to persevere and employ strategies that combat their challenges appropriately. This is a year of inspiration, a year of growth, and history teaches us that growth is seen clearly in areas where success stories are shared and celebrated widely.

Our strategy for 2018 is mainly reinforced by our goal to grow membership to 1000 businesses across diverse business sectors. Every member is an avenue/link to a potential member. When our potential members are made aware of the contributions of Territory Proud to the businesses of our existing members, we shall see a trickle-down effect in them signing up.

Our membership drive will be fuelled by three major elements; Prosperity, Network and Education.

Prosperity is a feeling NT people remember and hope to feel again soon. Territorians are proud of their homes, their businesses, culture and above all, proud of what other Territorians are achieving locally, nationally and globally. We intend to spread any success and to do that, we are calling for stories to share.

The concept of a network is vital to the overall success of our organisation. We support each other, businesses cross-refer, learn from each other and boost each other’s confidence. Territory Proud may provide networking opportunities both face to face & online. We believe each member of Territory Proud views every other member is either a customer or a link to a customer for their business. Territory Proud is a safe haven for members during bad times and a celebration point during the good times.

A business that learns-and applies lessons- is a business that succeeds. Territory Proud will share information of business services and assistance available to them in the NT.

The group celebrated 15 years of Territory Proud recently where Marie-Clare announced the goal and set the vision. The reaction both at the event and in the business community to date has been very positive and new members are joining.

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