Speed Mini Golf Challenge


Territory Proud is pleased to support NO MORE and the Rotary Youth Sports Foundation in assiting with the $100,000 Hole-in-One Competition and the Speed Mini Golf Challenge each Friday from 6pm to 9pm. Territory Proud members are encouraged to join in the fun and/or sponsor a hole or a night to show your support of these 2 worth causes.


In conjunction with the $100,000 Hole-in-One Competition

Friday 6pm to 9pm on from May 19 to July 14

Get your family, friends and work mates together to have some fun at Gardens Park Golf Links

Food and refreshments available

  1. Entry fee is $5 per person. You can make up a team and then challenge others for a team head to head.
  2. Your score is the total of the number of shots and the time in seconds. e.g 20 shots x 300 seconds equals 320
  3. The ball must be stationery before playing the shot.
  4. The player who plays the shot must take it out of the hole and place it on the line for the first shot on the next hole.
  5. Any shot that goes off the course results in returning to the first hole and starting again at the score standing when the ball went out of bounds.
  6. The best score in each hour of competition will get one free shot at the hole in one competition.
  7. The winner tonight will get a $50 voucher at Territory Proud member Frying Nemo, Tipperary Waters
  8. The decision of the referee is final.

Book your date now. Challenge other businesses or sporting groups

Email your booking to: chairman@territoryproud.com.au

All Proceeds to NO MORE & Rotary Youth Sports Foundation