Territory Proud to Celebrate its 15th Birthday


In August 2002 the Dept of Business approached the NT Business Council to lead a program to replace the Territory Made program which was found like some state programs didn’t comply with the Federal Trade Practices Act. A meeting was held and the result was the name Territory Proud was chosen. At the time I was the independent Chairman of the NTBC and a committee was formed to launch the program in February 2003 with the Territory Proud Youth Choir singing the theme song and a comprehensive media program to promote the new brand. The majority of this money came from industry and  media sponsorship.

Since that time Territory Proud has operated under the NTBC and then as a Trust before becoming an Incorporated Association in 2007. I am very proud of my association with Territory Proud over that time but feel it is now time to step down as Chairman at this year’s AGM. Our AGM will be held on November 16 and I encourage all our members to consider taking a position on the committee for the coming year.

I am proud that the words Territory Proud have now become part of our language and we now have almost 300 members. This year we have also added the brands ‘Territory Made’ and ‘Territory Grown’ and now have signage to suit. You can add these brands to your existing membership at a cost of 50% of your Territory Proud membership or business can choose to just be Territory Made or Territory Grownn”

Our 15th Anniversary is on February 15thand we will be producing a booklet with the NT News to celebrate the event. Join us in the celebration