Win $100,000 in Hole-in-One Golf Competition


Territory Proud Inc is pleased to support the NO MORE Campaign and The Rotary Club of Darwin who  have joined forces to bring an exciting new event to Darwin. This event is dsigned to bring territorians and visitors together at the iconic Gardens Park Golf Links in hte centre of Darwin for the chnace to have some fun and possibly win $100,000  for a Hole-in-One on the final night.

The 10 weeks of qualifying start on Friday May 5th when the public can purchase the chance to have 3 shots to get in the final shoot out for the $100,000.

There is also a fun chance to participate in the Speed Mini Golf. This will also be held over the 11 weeks and is an opportunity for social clubs, sprting groups, friends and family to get together and have some fun on Friday nights during the Dry.

There will be food and drinks available on site. Why not meet after work and enjoy the ambience of this wonderful location right in the centre of Darwin.

Night Golf 2

Mini golf

We have been asked what happens if no hole in one is achieved on that final night. Well, do not despair, Paspaley Pearls have come forward and donated a beautiful Kimberley Bracelet as the consolation prize for the runner up or, in the event of no hole in one, as the prize for ‘nearest to the pin’ on that final night. Thank you Paspaley Pearls for your ongoing support to our community.



  1. all contestants must agree to and sign the Release and Indemnity upon registration.
  2. Organisers have the right at any time to prohibit a person from participating in the competition
  3. The competition is open to any person other than a person who is or has been a professional golfer.
  4. Competitors may purchase 1 shot for $10or 3 for $20 and must tee off within 30 seconds of name call.
  5. The member of the public and corporate invitee whose ball finishes nearest to the pin at the end of each day of competition will each receive a daily prize and an invitation to the shootout at the end of the competition with the opportunity to win $100,000.
  6. To be eligible for measurement a ball must finish on the green and inside the previous best measurement.
  7. The invitation to participate in the shootout is not transferable
  8. Competitors who qualify more than once for the shootout will have their turns separated by at least 2 other competitors. Maximum of 3 qualifications.
  9. At the shootout competitors will have only one shot – no mulligans etc. – and any person who hits a hole in one will win $100,000.
  10. Final shootout will be subject to such conditions as required by the prize funding body and may be filmed or audited.
  11. The Rotary appointed referee’s decision in all matters will be final.