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Well done Team NT, you guys are champions !!!!! 

This was the NT’s best performance at the Special Olympics. Eight Gold, ten silver and five bronze. An amazing effort for swimming, athletics and soccer.

A huge thanks to our coaches and support staff. Rose, Mitch and Lara your dedication, passion and hard work is unquestionable. Without your involvement we wouldn’t be able to form a team.

Our support partners Territory Proud and NT Fooball Federation, your uniforms were great.

Team managed to raise $2075.69 at the Bunnings BBQ, WR in my book.  

News article is attached. If you would like other photos, please visit our office and we will download them onto your USB stick

Special Olympics, thank you for orgainisning such a great event, our team had a wonderful time and thorougly enjoyed the games. Your surprise send off was fabalous, much appreciated.

Northern Terriotry are looking forward to the National Games in Adelaide, April 2018.


Trent McCoy

Recreation Officer