Territory Proud Service Excellence Awards

At Territory Proud we recognise that quality service is important and that it creates employment because the better the service the more likely customers will spend their money here in the Territory. the recognition of excellent service as being important applies right across the spectrum including people in the public service, in community organisations and all aspects of employment. This is also important in attracting and getting return visits from tourists. The awards also aim to recognise the following important points:

• Buying locally supports locals and in doing so will secure employment and the livelihoods of local resident Territorians.
• Showcasing role model business behaviour to the Northern Territory will encourage best practice.

Why would you nominate a local?
By taking the time to recognise a local employee in our community who makes a difference yoy encourage others to also give better service.
Territory Proud needs your help to celebrate and recognise our Territory workers in our community in the aim that employment is secured and keeps our locals in business!!

  • To recognise great service in our community will lift esteem and make our local Territorians

    feel proud! Apart from a great celebration – The local business that wins will receive

    support from Territory Proud and partners to improve their capabilities – hence in turn

    improving the services and offerings in the Northern Territory.

    How do you nominate?

    Nominations can be completed electronically on this website. Go to Nomination

    Form,complete and submit.

    What Nominees will receive!

    Nominees will receive information about the Awards and will be congratulated with a

    certificate for making a difference to the Northern Territory

    Winners of the Awards will receive media exposure from Southern Cross Television and

    will be congratulated with a local celebration and will receive an award pack including a

    persoanalised polo shirt and a voucher from a Territory Proud member to the value of


    How are the nominations judged?

    Each nomination from the community is given careful consideration by a panel of 4

    judges from our Sponsors, a Territory Proud member and a Territory Proud Committee member. There

    is one nominated winner per month.


    The Winners from each month will be invited to a morning tea to receive their framed

    certificate and prize. This celebration is attended by local media and Territory Proud

    Partners along with the winners and staff from the respective businesses. At the end of

    the year a celebration to recognise the Winner of Winners – making a difference to our

    local community will be held. Winners throughout the year will be invited to attend.