Territory Proud launches Territory Grown

Territory Grown

Territory Proud is continuing its strong tradition of promoting and helping support Territory enterprise with a new initiative – Territory Grown.

As a result of growth in Territory Proud members from within the primary producing sector, an opportunity has arisen to focus on highlighting the Territory as a key source of quality, home-grown Territory produce.

The Northern Territory is renowned around the world for its quality of cattle, seafood, and tropical fruit. But there is also considerable growing demand for niche products that are unique to the Territory and in high demand in premium markets on the eastern seaboard and in Asia’s growing middle class.

Our local bush tucker is in demand by epicureans around Australia and overseas, and our crocodile products are already being exported to Europe’s elite fashion houses. “As a result of the growth in demand for our natural products, coupled with Territory Proud’s strong and enduring relationships with Territory businesses of all stripes, we are well placed to help this sector of the industry reach their full potential”, said Chairman of Territory Proud Geoff Goodrich.

“The Territory has an incredible wealth of natural resources, with a renowned reputation for innovation, resilience and dedication to achieving their goals. And of course, as a brand, Territory Grown will also apply helping develop our home grown talent who succeed on a wider stage in sport, music, art and other creative endeavours”, said Mr Goodrich. “Despite the economic challenges that the Territory is currently facing, it is more important than ever to capitalize on our natural and human resources and realize the true value that this industry can offer to both Territorians and the world at large.

“Territory Grown will work with the business community, government and the community sector to create opportunities to showcase the Territory’s homegrown sector to the Territory and beyond. Territory Proud is very keen to hear from primary producers, farmers, growers, and creatives across the Territory to be a part of this exciting new initiative.

Please contact Marie-Clare Boothby at chari@territoryproud.com.au to get involved.