Ashford Lamaya Architects

Ashford Lamaya Architects (ALA) is an emerging, award winning architectural practice with a deep understanding of the Northern Territory and its unique culture and weather patterns – factors that are critical in creating designs that perform in the region.  ALA believes in architectural design that is simple and elegant, deriving inspiration from nature and ‘place’, using structure, materials, and technology that create a harmonious relationship between the architecture and the surrounding environment.  Excellent design evolves from the process of research, education, and innovation.  ALA’s designs are responsive and responsible to the site, the natural environment, and the occupants.

ALA’s architectural concepts can be visualised in 3D to bring design projects to life for the client.  Using artistic fair and high-quality finishes, while mindful of the client’s budget; projects are attractive and unique.  Combined with ALAs’ expertise in project management and construction, the team ensures that clients’ dream becomes a reality.

Ashford Lamaya Architects take pride in excellent customer service, providing clients with a comfortable and enjoyable design process.

Postal Address: 0800

Street Address: Level 1, 39 Stokes Hill Road

Phone: 8941 7009

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Contact Person: Randal Ashford and Irma Lamaya

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