iFind Pipes N Cables Pty Ltd


iFind Pipes N Cables is a Northern Territory owned and operated company providing underground service locations and hydro vacuum excavations across the Territory and Australia. iFind Pipes N Cables has extensive experience providing services to a broad range of sectors including oil and gas, mining, defense, airports, government, and civil.

Our services have been proven to reduce construction costs, prevent workplace hazards and associated problems relating to utility damage causing long and costly project delays.

The professional team at iFind Pipes N Cables solves all your locating problems using only the latest technology and equipment. Electronic wand detection, ground penetrating radar (GPR), and concrete penetrating radar (CPR) are used to achieve accurate and effective location of any buried objects and underground utilities.

Using the latest in Hydro Vacuum excavation machinery, we conduct a non- destructive digging method to expose underground utilities and objects, allowing for safe mechanical excavation.

Services provided by iFind Pipes N Cables have been proven to;

Minimise design clashes;
Reduce construction costs;
Reduce project delays;
Prevent workplace hazards.

Street Address: 64 McKinnon Road, Pinelands NT 0829

Phone: 0419612476

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://www.ifindaustralia.com.au

Contact Person: Jehi Willis